To Editors and Clients

South Florida is the place to shoot - and South Beach is your resource hub.  Each year, South Beach gets more and more popular with the biggest names in the fashion and entertainment industries.

Photographer Christian Behr is an internationally recognized photographer.  He's been published worldwide and has worked with some of the biggest ad agencies and pr firms on Madison Ave.  He is ready to make your project happen.  Whether you're coming in with concept in mind or require the whole creative team, we're able to mobilize in time to meet your deadline and keep you from going over budget.  We're your " go to " team.

Why confine your products or editorials to a studio when you can animate them in the most beautiful locations in the country?  You CAN afford to shoot in South Beach.  We'll do everything in our power to help you get the images you need to make a powerful impact on your viewers.  We'll find your models, transportation, locations, artists, and work 24/7 until you've got what you need in your hands.

Call us to discuss your advertising and editorial needs.  786-348-7562.