To Models

Christian Behr has been published worldwide and has a strong reputation for helping models who are just starting meet with agencies in the biggest markets on the planet. The model and talent business is a very difficult " game " to get involved with. The rules of "what they want" is changing constantly. There are multiple fields which have different physical needs. Confusing one for another can put you on a dead-end track. And given that the clock is ticking - following the wrong path could be terminal to your career.

If you're interested in working with a seasoned photographer that can help make things happen, then it's time for you to write an email. You'll be dealing with people who " know " rather than " guess," what you're most suited to do. We're also qualified to pick apart little things that could stand in your way, and correct those things BEFORE YOU SHOOT. We don't like the idea of wasting camera time and your money... so if you need a different haircut, color, to lose some weight, etc... we'll help you get it done before we shoot. You won't do your own make-up.

You don't have to show up with a suitcase full of clothing. We take care of everything but shoes and underwear. We're constantly updating wardrobe with great designs to make sure you look your best. We offer very few TFP's or free shoots. We offer none without commercial release. We don't seek mother agency percentages if you get placed with a top agency. We don't want to " manage " you, just simply introduce you to the agents that can effectively handle your career. If we place you - we've done our job well.

Make no mistake... we cannot guarantee that just because you work with us you'll be a fashion model. It doesn't work that way. For those qualified to work fashion, we'll take you to the people who can get you moving. However, if you're just not right for the better agencies, and there's nothing we can do to change that... we'll strive to help you get into commercial application work. If you're interested in making bigger strides into the business than you did this past year, send us that email.

Our testing rate is likely less than what you're expecting. We've helped launch some serious careers. We were there at the beginnings of several superstars. We're proud to know them... and several others who have gone on to greatness. Think it through. Look at our images. Feel free to ask questions. We'll look forward to hearing from you. You can email us: cj at